CLI Project

Last updated: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 10:30

Berlioz Framework allows you to manage your CLI projects.

In some case, you don't have any rendering functionality or HTTP support. The Berlioz/CliCore project is do for you!


Installation of Berlioz/CliCore must be done by Composer, it's the recommended installation.

First, create your classical project with composer support. And executes this command:

composer require berlioz/cli-core

An executable will be created in the binary directory of Composer (default: vendor/bin).


CLI commands are available on the framework. You can use some default commands or create your owns.

For execution of commands:

$ vendor/bin/berlioz myproject:foo
Printed result!

For more details of commands usage, referrer you to the Commands page.

Default commands


To get the beautified configuration.


  • -f ... --filter ... To filter the configuration key to shown


To clear the cache.

Parameters (version ^2.2):

  • -all To clear all contents of cache directory (except hidden items)
  • ... To specify directories name to clear.