Last updated: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:10

The default configuration manager of Berlioz Framework is the package berlioz/config.

Write configuration

All your configuration file must be in configuration directory.

Allowed formats:

Type Extension Mime
JSON .json application/json
JSON5 .json5 application/json5
YAML .yml text/yaml
INI .ini text/plain

Berlioz merge automatically all configuration files in only one configuration accessible in your application.

It's interested in some case to separate your configuration in different files. Like separate packages configuration...

Get configuration object

Configuration is accessible from the core object with method Core:getConfig(). The core is accessible from the application object.

From controllers whose inherit AbstractController class, the config is accessible with method AbstractController::getApp()->getConfig().

// controller method

/** @var \Berlioz\Config\ConfigInterface $config */
$config = $this->getApp()->getConfig();


You can access to the variables of configuration with method Config:get(string $name). Given parameter is the path of your variable in your JSON.

/** @var \Berlioz\Config\ConfigInterface $config */
$config = $this->getApp()->getConfig();
$value = $config->get('app.varname.subvar');

Dist files

All configuration files with .dist in filename have a lower priority than others.

It's recommended to write a dist configuration to push on the repository ; and add a config.json into .gitignore file where you can write your sensitive data...

Default configuration of Berlioz

Your configuration is automatically extends from a default configuration:

  "berlioz": {
    "environment": "prod",
    "locale": null,
    "debug": {
      "enable": false,
      "ip": []
    "maintenance": false,
    "directories": {
      "app": "{var:}",
      "cache": "{var: berlioz.directories.cache}",
      "config": "{var: berlioz.directories.config}",
      "debug": "{var: berlioz.directories.debug}",
      "log": "{var: berlioz.directories.log}",
      "templates": "{}/resources/templates",
      "tmp": "{config: berlioz.directories.var}/tmp",
      "var": "{var: berlioz.directories.var}",
      "vendor": "{var: berlioz.directories.vendor}",
      "working": "{var: berlioz.directories.working}"
    "assets": {
      "manifest": "{}/public/assets/manifest.json",
      "entrypoints": "{}/public/assets/entrypoints.json",
      "entrypoints_key": null
    "http": {
      "errors": {
        "default": "Berlioz\\Http\\Core\\Http\\Error\\DefaultErrorHandler"
      "redirections": {},
      "middlewares": {
        "00": {
          "maintenance": "Berlioz\\Http\\Core\\Http\\Middleware\\MaintenanceMiddleware"
        "99": {
          "redirection": "Berlioz\\Http\\Core\\Http\\Middleware\\RedirectionMiddleware"