Last updated: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:10

It's classes whose control interactions between models, services and templates. The controller is instanced, and the matched method is called, by router service when the application started.

Class \Berlioz\Http\Core\Controller\AbstractController

It's the main controller for website projects who offer methods for services, routing, templating, flash messages, and redirection.


use Berlioz\Http\Core\Controller\AbstractController;
use Berlioz\Http\Message\Response;
use Berlioz\Http\Message\ServerRequest;

class MyController extends AbstractController
     * Method description.
     * @param ServerRequest $request
     * @param Response $response
     * @return Response $response
    public function myMethod(ServerRequest $request): Response
        // Do something
        $attribute = $request->getAttribute('attr1');

        return $response;


Parameters of the controllers methods are automatically inject by the class Instantiator of service container.

Attributes of routes are available with ServerRequest parameter, with method getAttributes().