Last updated: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:05

Berlioz 2 introduce the middlewares concept into the framework. The implementation is based on PSR-15 recommendation.

A middleware component is an individual component participating, often together with other middleware components, in the processing of an incoming request and the creation of a resulting response, as defined by PSR-7.

Source: PHP-FIG

Default middlewares

Some middlewares are configured by default:

  • Berlioz\Http\Core\Http\Middleware\MaintenanceMiddleware: stop execution of controllers and display maintenance page if maintenance is enabled.
  • Berlioz\Http\Core\Http\Middleware\RedirectionMiddleware: do redirections configured in configuration if no controller found.

Declare middlewares

Middlewares are declared into the configuration. To manage priority of middlewares execution, the configuration is based on incremental priority:

  "berlioz": {
    "http": {
      "middlewares": {
        "00": {
          "maintenance": "Berlioz\\Http\\Core\\Http\\Middleware\\MaintenanceMiddleware"
        "99": {
          "redirection": "Berlioz\\Http\\Core\\Http\\Middleware\\RedirectionMiddleware"