Last updated: Wed, 08 Sep 2021 21:18

A Berlioz package exist for Atlas ORM library to easier the interactions and configuration between them.


Use composer to install package:

composer require berlioz/atlas-package

For more detail package installation, referred to the package description page.


Create a atlas.json file in your configuration directory, with this content:

    "atlas": {
        "pdo": {
            "connection_locator": {
                "default": {
                    "dsn": "mysql:dbname=mydbname;host=;port=3306",
                    "username": "username",
                    "password": "password"

Ignore this configuration file in your .gitignore file. It should contain passwords... and MUST NOT push on GIT repository!


You can call service container in controllers to get Atlas object:

/** @var \Atlas\Orm\Atlas $atlas */
$atlas = $this->getService('atlas');
$atlas = $this->getService(\Atlas\Orm\Atlas::class);

To know more on usage with the ORM, referrer you to the official documentation of Atlas ORM.