Upgrading from version 1

Last updated: Wed, 08 Sep 2021 21:36

Breaking changes

Breaking changes for Core

  • Packages methods signature changed

Breaking changes for HttpCore

  • Namespace Berlioz\HttpCore moved to Berlioz\Http\Core
  • Namespace Berlioz\Router moved to Berlioz\Http\Router
  • Magic methods _b_pre() and _b_post() of controllers are removed in favor of middlewares
  • Remove usage of PhpDoc annotations in favor of PHP 8 attributes, like routes annotations
  • Method AbstractController::getService() renamed to AbstractController::get()
  • ErrorHandler

Breaking changes for CliCore

  • Namespace Berlioz\CliCore moved to Berlioz\Cli\Core
  • Signature of CommandInterface changed

Steps to upgrade

  1. Update versions into your composer.json
  2. Run command composer update
  3. Create a directory "resources" at root project directory
  4. Move directories "assets" and "templates" into new "resources" directory
  5. Update your webpack config if necessary
  6. Fixes breaking changes
  7. Update files "public/index.php" like WebsiteSkeleton (do not forget .htaccess file)